Tools & Information for Syria's Transition

The potential, future departure of the Assad regime in Syria would represent an historic change. It will bring political obstacles and challenges as well as much more tangible challenges related to humanitarian aid delivery, post-conflict reconstruction, social and economic development, security sector reform, political inclusivity and national reconciliation. The Syrian Transition Project reflects the complexity of these processes and promotes an awareness that -- while changes in Syria are distinctive -- international experience can provide some guidance on what lies ahead for the Syrian people.  
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What We Offer

The Syrian Transition Project allows stakeholders involved in the current Syrian crisis to share documents, exchange contact information and find new resources. It has been established by academics and international development practitioners who are concerned that the current 
crisis and the future political, social, economic and security transition processes will be as poorly designed and implemented as those in other war-torn countries. To reduce this risk, we offer the following collaboration tools:
  • News Feed -- Rather than consolidating a number of RSS feeds and throwing dozens of Syria-related news stories at our readers, the Syrian Transition Project reviews the most recent news related to Syria and posts the most important items for our readers. You can also subscribe to this news feed using a feed reader.

  • Report Library -- This library not only provides links to relevant publications but also allows readers to add items to the library to ensure that we do not miss any key reports. Library content primarily comes from international organisations, think tanks and other non-governmental institutions. Please check out the documents posted there and recommend some of your favourite reports on Syria, the Middle East, post-crisis transitions, humanitarian affairs and other topics.

  • Stakeholder Directory -- The stakeholder directory allows stakeholders involved in Syria to submit their contact information so that they can be contacted by policymakers, practitioners, journalists and others who need information. It is anticipated to vastly improve coordination among relevant stakeholders. It is also a great tool for researchers, trainers, consultants, entrepreneurs and supplies to get their names out there so their expertise can be drawn upon.

  • Q&A Forum -- Here readers can post a question regarding Syria and receive an answer from the broader community of readers at this site. If you need a recommendation for a good partner organisation in Syria, post it there. Or if you are looking for a local firm to help support an upcoming initiative, ask our community. Alternatively, get quick access to basic information, whether statistics about humanitarian needs or contact information for key stakeholders, by drawing upon the Q&A Forum's "crowdsourcing" potential.
In addition, in the future the Syrian Transition Project will also be releasing a number of reports on different elements of the transition in Syria. These will include a volume of "lessons learnt" from other conflict-affected countries, "Future of Syria" briefs which quickly lay out visions for resolving the ongoing crisis and building back better and, lastly, "Syria in Transition" working papers which go into greater detail regarding particular elements of the transition process. Those affiliated with the project see themselves more as curators rather than leaders, and we welcome you to guide this work by authoring publications any by engaging with the interactive tools available on this site.

Interested in Contributing? If you would like to submit a "lesson learnt" for the edited volume, draft a "Future of Syria" Brief or start crafting a "Syria in Transition" Working Paper, contact us. Given the Project's intent to begin publishing quickly, we are primarily interested in pieces which are of a publish-able quality.

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