Publications from the Syrian Transition Project

The Syrian Transition Project will soon be issuing a range of publications related to the reconstruction of Syria. If you are a relevant expert in conflict, governance, peacebuilding, post-conflict recovery, social or economic development, human rights, rule of law, security sector reform, transitional justice, judicial reform or humanitarian action, we would be interested in a contribution to one of our two forthcoming publications.

1. Lessons Learnt for Syria's Reconstruction: The Syrian Transition Project will be publishing a consolidated volume of lessons learnt pertaining to political transitions and post-conflict reconstruction in contexts such as Syria. We encourage researchers, practitioners, policymakers and others to submit 1,500-3,000-word contributions addressing a particular lesson learnt. The top 25 contributions on complementary themes will be assembled into a volume and released later this year, with credit going to the author of each piece.

2. "Future of Syria" Briefs: These publications will highlight issues applicable to the transition and reconstruction of Syria. These briefs should begin by identifying a seemingly desirable end state and then offer technical suggestions, perhaps drawing from other countries' experience, for achieving this condition. For instance, "Future of Syria" Briefs may note the importance of elections and provide guidance on issues such as timing, organisation, monitoring, the role of political parties, women's participation and so on. They should be 4,000-7,000 words in length.

3. "Syria in Transition" Working Paper Series: This series will feature lengthier working papers of at least 10,000 words related to governance, security, humanitarian and development issues likely to emerge during the transition and reconstruction processes in Syria. These works may address issues similar to those noted above. The key difference is that working papers will be expected to engage with the existing literature on the topic or topics being addressed.

Interested in Contributing? If you would like to submit a "lesson learnt" for the edited volume, draft a "Future of Syria" Brief or start crafting a "Syria in Transition" Working Paper, contact us at Given the Project's intent to begin publishing quickly, we are primarily interested in pieces which are of a publish-able quality and which correspond to the specifications outlined in the CFP.